Bates Shoes

The Bates, first founded in the year 1885 as a small dress footwear business, has now grown and flourished to become a leading footwear manufacturer for uniformed personnel today. Bates offers boots and shoes for workers in a variety of public service positions, and in fact Bates Boots are used by the U.S. Department of Defense for military personnel.

Today, Bates is one of the largest suppliers of footwear to the United States federal government, the Department of Defense, and public service and public safety professionals throughout the United States.

a) Bates duty boots are great for hiking or running over all manner of terrain.

b)  Bates duty boots are also ideal when physical confrontations are likely.

c) Bates duty boots offer the best ankle support and incredible comfort for all your high-stress missions.

Bates Shoes

Bates also outfits elite military organizations in more than sixty other countries. As a division of Wolverine World Wide, Bates benefits from robust R&D, purchasing and manufacturing capabilities, which helps Bates continue to lead the industry.

Like the men and women they serve, Bates Shoes is also committed to delivering their best. A leading maker of quality boots and shoes for those in uniform, Bates’ commitment is heartfelt and hard-earned. Evident in the technologies they pioneer. Visible in the quality footwear they design. Ensuring those who serve enjoy products that are as comfortable as they are hardwearing, as value-priced as they are invaluable.

On the way to becoming one of the world’s largest uniform footwear companies, Bates has traveled a long and formative road. The company began as a small dress footwear maker in 1885. In the early 1960s, the Bates Shoe Company changed direction to focus on making the finest military dress shoes for the United States Navy.

The Bates experience spread worldwide during the 1970s and 80s, so that now we are outfitting elite military organizations in over 50 countries. Market-leading innovation continues to lead the way to Bates’ future — while the company will never waver from its dedication to craftsmanship, integrity and value that has proudly brought us to where we are today.

The low-cut, more athletic style postal boots and shoes are made for comfort. Bates Shoes also makes an entire line of security boots, made for performance and long wear. Be sure to consider the Bates Cross Channel Circulation for the lightest tactical boots. Bates quarter boots are most often chosen for mild walking or light running. Bates quarter boots offer more ankle support than oxfords and a more comfortable overall fit than duty boots.

The overwhelming popularity of the original Bates uniform oxford quickly led to the development of many more military styles for all branches of the armed services, until Bates was exclusively making uniform boots and shoes. Meanwhile, the demand for the Bates brand crossed over into the civilian uniformed services as the company’s products gained a reputation as exceptionally well suited for doing some of the most demanding and important jobs on earth.

This also affords Bates to have access to the finest quality materials including Gore-Tex and Vibram, which not only serve as industry separators, but provide superior comfort and performance.


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