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Bates Shoes

Bates shoes is a shoes manufacturer which operates as a subsidiary to wolverine world wide. Bates is one of the most dominant footwear companies in uniform footwear. The company started as a small company in 1885 and now has developed into a worldwide manufacturer with a total market of 1.5 million shoes and boots sell per year.

In the year 1960, the Bates Shoes company changed its focus from men’s dress shoe to a more promising field of making the best available military shoes for US navy. The venture went out to be a very successful one and turned the focus of Bates shoes forever.

Bates shoes are widely popular for their quality and other performance aspects that many other countries have also demanded bates to develop military grade boots and shoes for their soldiers. The Bates shoes company has received ISO 9001:2000 certification for its quality products and international standards.

Bates Shoes

For the sack of quality and product durability, Bates shoes are always developed with the highest quality standards and materials. The material is chosen precisely for the desired use, and must stand the test of time in durability and performance. The Bates shoes are made using following technologies:

a) ICS technology: ICS technology is a ground breaking discovery in the field of comfort in military shoes. These ICS based shoes fits in the perfect settings that is right for you. The technology consist of a sole in the mid which is attached to removable disk which then rotates itself to suit the setting best for you.

b) DuraShocks technology: The technique is patented by the Bates Company. In this technology the shoes are supplied with inbuilt compressive pads that are attached to the heel and front part of the foot. The compressing pad absorbs the energy diffusion with every step by reducing shocks.

c) WOLVERINE WARRIOR LEATHER: The stain resistant WOLVERINE WARRIOR LEATHER is supplied with Scotchgard protector; this generates a layer of invisible resistant which generates the ability in the shoe to stay durable without having any bad affect on its air inlets and color.

d) GORE-TEX: Gore-tex technology is used in bates shoes to keep them dry. The shoes are waterproof without affecting the air inlets of the shoe.

e) Vibram: Vibram are typical soles designed by Bates shoes. These soles are most durable, and are designed for higher performance in every environment. The vibram soles are mostly used in military grade boots and shoes that are used in marine industry.

f) Thinsulate Insulation: These soles are specially designed by 3M, a famous manufacturer of clothing line in insulator category. These shoes are made for cold places and keep it exceptionally warm and suitable for human feet inside.

Bates shoes have presently launched shoe lines that have consisted with some brand new technology. The Bates shoes are now available with Durashocks comfort technique that has proved out to be a never before seen innovation in uniform footwear and are setting new standards in the industry. The currently released Ultra-lites series provides shoes that are light in the weight and are suitable for any kind of environment.


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